Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rila comes to Sofia

"If the mountain can't come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain"

This year a big lift was opened to help tourist climb Bulgaria's most beloved mountain - the Rila mountain.

Environmetalist fought hard to prevent the illegal istallation, but in April the lift was there, and thousand of tourists now daily visit the seven Rila lakes, whitout walking more than a couple of hundred meters.

The mountain is still there, and it still needs protection, which is why the activist continue with a campaign named "Обичам Рила, ходя пеша” (I love Rila - I walk by foot.)

To bring the mountain closer to the citizens, including those too busy to climb it even by lift, Citizens for Rila are pronouncing the "Rila Month", starting tomorrow. A varied program includes acrobats, concerts, and a photo exhibition in front of the Ivan Vazov theatre in central Sofia. Maybe visitors will see photos like this...

The picture is from For the Nature's homepage, and were taken in October 2009. Find more here.

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