Thursday, April 12, 2007


While preparing to leave my motherland going to the South East I bought my first digital camera. Ever. And as a newcomer I of course were pennywise and bought the cheapest crap I could get my hand on. A cute blue thing with 3.5 megapixel, not much else, and with an absolute inability to take pictures except in sunshine.

This would not do, but the distance from realizing that to actually do something is more then often very long. But the distance has now been traversed and a black beauty has been bought. It's got 6 megapixels, optical zoom, lets all kinds of light into the chambre, and special effects that blow my mind.

It's fascinating... how you can capture the world through a camera lens, keep it, and through stopping it from moving creating something else. Another world without suffering or pleasure... A kind of nirvana. But also a kid of death.

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