Friday, May 4, 2007

Back in the old country

So... for a while I was afraid to be kicked out. Then a new world of prosperity in the neighbouring country Romania opened up to me, and I got prepared to move to Bucharest. but the chicken hearted way to do it, in stead of saying good bye and turning my back to narrow minds and petty conflicts at home, was to go to the wonderful city of Iasi, in order to not be let back over the border. But they let me back in... So I'm back on my old street, trying to find out what to do with a life in Moldova.

I also decided not to be so secret. At the moment I'm pretty deep in love and if everything works out well I'm looking forward to some sort of kosmopolitan future, and I figured out that a blog in english could be the best way to keep people updated of how to contact me. With the increasing number of SIM cards, telephone numbers, post adresses etc. I needed one place to put it all up. And it will be here. So enjoy to know that I'm Daniel Nylin Nilsson, a 26 years old swedish volunteer in Moldova. Or Romania. Or Bulgaria. or Ukraine. Numai dumnezeu stie unde o sa ma scul miine.