Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My life as a volunteer in Moldova is coming to an end... This afternoon I finished my last day before going to Bulgaria. I have worked, or rather toiled for three weeks in a row, every day. Man, that's hard. That's a lot of rocks to smash, wood to chop, humliations to take, good food to eat and home made wine of different quality to drink.

It will be a new experience to live in Moldova, not working in this place, where I, being by far the most intellectual peron around (It's true, I don't say it to boast) constantly was put to idiot work like chopping wood, carrying brick, smashing stones, for whole days. Never anything involving respnsibilites. never anything involving thinking. Because they know as well as me that I'm from a different world and I would do it different. And different eqals wrong to the people I worked with...

In stead I will teach my mother tounge, Swedish, in a highly debatable outsourcing project in Chisinau. Regular working hours, with work that i'm somehow educated for. My own flat, my own music,my own books... only that I don't have that flat yet. In stead I tear on my friends patience, sleeping o their floor, borrowing their computer to play music. Like a gyspie, but even more like a slacker...

It's just not good enough... I have to find something. Pray for me, if you re churchgoers. Look for flats if you live in Chisinau. Feel with me otherwise... The biggest obstacle is this feeling of distraction, of not being able to focus on these way to worldly issues. Because I know that 18 hours away in Bulgaria she is waiting for me, and it's so much interesting to plan trips to her... I actually love her. Not that I didn't love before. But I do it again.

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