Sunday, August 19, 2007


For ever... what does it mean? A life time? Appearantly not - that would make us live forever, which we all know isn´t the case. A really long time like several years? Or seven weeks? Four days, or just half an hour? All of them could be, I guess... for ever could be just the blink of an eye as well.

It´s not a matter of counting days. It´s the time span from alpha to omega. The ocean of time between what was before and what will be... We tell our self every morning that our lives are one and inseparable, but we all know that´s a white lie. Our lives are rather collages , compound of shimmering episodes with nothing more than an arbitrary connections to each other. Some of them are long, and last for years. Some only for a few seconds. Each one of them is an eternity.

Needless to say we live in many of these eternities at the same time... maybe in each one of them, some in front of our eyes or as a feeling in our skins, some like shady memories and some as the scents of a future yet to be. but is the future less existing than the present? Certainly not... the moment we try to hold the present in our hands it´s already history. As histories live their own lives, growing older and wiser and repainting memories in new colors with every new eternity we live, maybe our future is the only stable thing... the only thing to trust. Not to trust as a presence to come, but as an existing future...

What ever your´e doing now... it´s gonna last for ever. I just want to think I did it all for love. One love.

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