Monday, May 19, 2008

What's happening?

What the hell is going on with the World... This thought struck me when I looked through the news this morning. South Africa is in the midst of a wave of xenophobic violence, for which refugees from Zimbawe have been the same target. And outside Naples ordinary citizens (or is this only what the papers write? I really hope that some ordinary Italians do better than this) side with the Commorra burning down Gypsy camps outside of town. And Lega Nord, that enters government within weeks agree with the arsonists. It's a frenzy, and I can not understand it. We have all read about the mountains of toxic garbage growing outside of Naples, and everyone know it's the Commorra that's behind. So how can anyone form Naples side with these bloodsuckers in any question?

I remember a film, I think it was Gadjo Dilo, where a gypsy village is burnt down in the end. The story took place in Romania far from entering the Eu and it was some symbol of the total collapse of a society. And in deed... a society in which someone can burn down people's homes and getting support for it form the government is collapsed. I'm so sorry to read this about Italy... I had started to grow some hopes about a European future, but fuck... this is insane.

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