Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stupidity and fear

Today i read almost the same news as two weeks ago. Gypsies outside Naples are under siege, attacked by a furious mob, taking orders from the Camorra. I have no intention to discuss Italians' feelings towards Romanian Gypsies. That is a complicated matter, where noone is guilty, but we should try to understand rather than jugde. But there is a long, long step from being angry about a situation involving gypsies to throw molotov cocktails at people's homes, no matter if they are just shacks. Somewhere along this line you pass the point where you are not angry about a specific situation involving gypsies, but about gypsies, and that's where things get scary. However, this mob strikes me as more stupid than evil... how can a human mind possibly think that:

A. Gypsies are a bigger threat to society than the Camorra. Sure there are gyspies commiting crimes, but compared to the Camorra most criminals seem like petty thieves. And given that one individual regard both Gypsies and the Camorra as evil, the Camorra is obviously a hundred times more organized and therefore more dangerous. But the camorra is not only criminal and dangerous, it's also powerful. And it's so easy to throw molotov coctails at someone to weak to defend themselves when the powerful stand behind you. Easy, but disgraceful.

B.Think that burning down the Gypsies camps will make anything any better. I do understand that people regard camps outside their city as a mixed blessing. But if you burn down nomads camps, what do you think will happen? That they will rent a flat down town? Or that they will stay diwowned nomads, outcasts and envious of the majority poulation. take a wild guess? Bessides all sorts of Europeans have burned down gypsy camps before without. If that had any results more than hatred, violence and injustice, Naples wouldn't be surrounded by camps today.

I guess the only good thing about this is that it will bring ethnical Romanians a little closer to their Gypsy compatriots, especially those living in Italy, suffering from racist Camorra politics. The coverage of the topic in Romanian press is a good sign. That Swedish media that claim to be Europe oriented neglect it is a big shame.


Freja said...

You changed the colour ;)

Maladets! said...

Of course :) A womans advice is to be followed without hesitation in these matters :P