Friday, August 15, 2008

The Great War

I don't have much to do at work. Instead I browse endless internet sites, stringly similar in style and content.

Going through a host of news sites, it struck me how the second world war is still hunting us. The Guardian says Tarantino is making a new, spectacular nazi film that. Of course it is predicted to casue a massive outcry in Germany. Süddeutsche Zeitung discusses the French perception of the german occupation. A DN analzst blames George Bush for being slow to act in the Georgian crisis. He refers to a column in NY Times where Sarkozy is said to look like Winston Churchill in comparison.

Isn't it a little strange that Winston churchill still is our strongest szmbol of staesmanhood? Or that making a film about nazi Germany still feels interesting? I don't doubt that it will make more money than a film about Gorbatjev. Probablz it will make more monez than the film about gandhi as well, which indicate that it´s not the time that has passed that is the issue.

Has so little really happened since 1945 that we still need to refer to the second world war, not only in discussions about war, but as the general specter through which we see Good and Evil? Names like Himmler and Goering are still considered something common knowledge. For how long?

Their crimes should of course not be dimished or forgotten - but this is about us not about them. The question is: what makes them deserve all this attention?

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