Friday, September 5, 2008

Europan Commission aggrees with Italy to register Roma families?

If you followed this blog, you might have read my earlier posts about the social situation in italy involving mainly Romanian romas and Berlusconi cops...

The Berlusconi have issued a set of laws aimed at limiting illegal immigration to Italy. These include the collection of finger prints, personal data, the possibility to expell EU-citizens for so-called security reasons, the possibility of detaining EU citizens for 15 days and the restriction of asylum seekers´ freedom of movement.

These means not only go against what I presume a broad majority of world citizens accept as human rights, but also the EU treaties, and Italy has gotten their share of anger from different Eu institutions.

However, today I read on a romanian news site, that the EU Commission and the Italian state has reached an agreement on a somehow less offending version. It´s horrible. EU is a system where the higher levels of political power has more power than in traditional parliamentary system. The only reason I could see for accepting that is that these higher levels shopuld stick to law and morale also in times when paliamentary politicians might be prone to compromises them in change for votes. In times like these for example...

I promise to dedicate this blog to this subject for a while ahead, and give you links in different languages as I found them.

P.s. Swedish readers might draw a parallell to the Swedish "FRA" law for supervising messages sent over the Internet, that also was accepted in a slightly less offensive version. FRA is bad, but this is worse...

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sajins said...

EU has a very technocratic culture. I hardly believe that any changes will be made for the Romas. ANd even if they do something and create laws that somehow will soothe Roma's situation, there also remains the stereotyping from the Italian people.

Maladets! said...

True, very true. The technocratic culture is suit for solving problems between smoehoe orderly bureaucratic national states, and is very unfit for dealing with this kind of issues.

Stereotypes... Im afraid we always will have to live with them. Those who affects us muost are the ones we don´t even see.