Thursday, November 13, 2008

Facebook fascism

Not only in Italia are minorities singled out by haters. Also in the web community Facebook. Take a look at this page for example, "Get the Gypsies out of K'Ford", created by mr. Lee Mosley, west Midlands, self proclaimed fascist.

A group of socialist european parliamentay members have rightly condemned Facebook for allowing this kind of groups.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, we can't let people express ideas that have not been sanctioned beforehand by the Etstablishment and their goblins!

In order to promote peace, love and tolerance we must kill everyone who disagrees.


Maladets! said...

Who speaks about killing them?

It's so easy to lick kiss upwards and kick downwards, which is exactly what you do when you blame social problems those with the least power to change them, e.g. gypsies.