Friday, December 12, 2008

Love in the time of cholera

 The situation in Zimbawe is deterioating from day to day. While the world leaders are busy saving Wall Street adn getting re elected through spine less populism Mr. Mugabe once again gives proof of a horrible fact: Human catastrophies do not take place independently of human actions.

 Zimbawe is a dictatorship, at the moment hit by cholera, earlier hyper inflation was the plague. Could it happen in a democracy?

The answer is that it did not. Just as the famine in Ukraine in the 30's, or the Irish famine in the 1840's were man made disasters.

 Shame on Mugabe. Shame on those who look the other way. I hope that our elected politicians don't forget that the world still is one, even when the economy isn't booming.

 I send a silent thought to the population in this suffering African state, and hope there is still time and space, if very very small, for love in the time of cholera.

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