Monday, January 19, 2009

Demands ahead of the demonsration 21/1 2009

The next demonstration is to take place 15.00, Wednesday 21/1 2009.

The organization For the Nature , the ecologists behind the demonstration have on their website specified 4 demands aimed at the parliament and government. This list is a working document that has to be adjusted and coordinated with the student groups, that so far has opted for demanding the resign of the government. For the nature demands:

  1. the resign of minister of interior affairs Michail Mikov. He has commited illegal acts and proven himself as competent. He is responsible for the riots Wednesday 14/1

  2. that the government start acting according to the 35 demands put forward by the difffenrent NGOs behind the demonstrations last week

  3. legal action to increase the citizens involvement in and control over the decision making process in the republic of Bulgaria

  4. changes in the electoral law, in order to stimulate the citizens participation. For the nature proposes a proportional system with majority elements, where voters can choose names from a list proposed by the parties.

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