Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Demonstrations today

As i walked through downtown Sofia this morning I saw plenty of riot ploice drinking coffe, and getting in place for the demonstration that begins itoday in the early afternoon (15.00)

The people behind it expect 5000 participants, guarded by 1800 policemen. Most likely tensions will be high, but hopefully cooperation between peotesters and police can prevent last weeks scenes of violence.

At the meeting a resolution including the protesters fundamentaly demand will be taken. The protestors offer the parliament to act before 27nd of January. If the parliament failto take action by then the protestors will start a civil disobedience campaign across the country.

I have no information for now which concrete actions this this civil disobedience campaign will include.

I have no possibility to visit the demonstration in person this afternoon.

Source: Darik News

The protest blog Bulgaria e nasha today publish two links and a text, all about the reasons to protest. It's an interesting read. The red thread thorughthe texts is a thinking close to Barack Obama's slogans - change is possible.

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