Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ivan radev in Dnevnik praises the ecologists

 In a column published yesterday in Dnevnik, a daily newspaper produced by the same publisher as Kapital, Ivan Radev, free lance journalist praises the Ecologiacal movments important role in Bulgaria's recent history.

 Radev points out that the ecologiscal movement has been the only corrective to the power during the last three and a a half year.

 These were years when most Bulgarians resigned and thought of the ecologists as "crazy" protesters. Radev reminds his readers that the first fighters for an independent Bulgaria were just as crazy. The ecologist's were the consciense of the nation and defended the idea that the citizens must defend their common interest, in case the institutions don't do it.

 The Bulgarian nature is not a private but a common nature. And the defence of it is also the defense of Bulgaria.



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