Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Parliament's answer

As I've mentioned earlier that the Socialist party, the dominant part in Bulgaria's three party coalition have statd their support for minister of Interior Michail Mikov, whose resignation is one of the prtesters demands.

Today I found the way to the parliaments news site, where an answer to the demands is posted. the demands were handed in, throuh securtiy staff, 19th of January.

As the document in question might be refined the parliament asks for a detailed list of demands, that also specifies which demands have been stated earlier and which are new.

Regarding the old demands, the list of 35 that was handed in 14th of january, the parliament has handed ver the demands to a number of different commitees, looking over

local legislation
the situation in Studentski grad
the farmers demands regarding subsidies


N.B! This is my own summary. In case you read Bulgarian and find I ahve missed/misunderstood something, please corect me. Thanks

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