Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Demonstration in Sofia 11/2

Around 100 protesters have gathered in front of the parliametnary buildingin central Sofia today. According to Darik their main demand is the resignation of the government: Darik also refers to their demands for citizen control of society. I presume that these are the same that i have referred to earlier as a new social contract:
  • a legal state,
  • citizens' participation in decision making through local referendums, the possibility for citizens to initiate lawmaking and a proportional electional with preferential vote without restrictions
  • guaranteed freedom of speech
  • ecological responsibility
  • real European integration in Bulgaria intervew Rumen Zahariev, student who says that they have gathered at 12.00 to control wether the MP's go to work.

News. BG tries to press mr. Zahariev on why the numbers of protestors seem to decline, and if he as a protestor sees Bojko Borisov as an alternativ to the current government, after Borisovs statement in Chicago that the biggest problem in Bulgaria is the human material.

Zahariev responds that it is important to devolp the preservence in Bulgarian society adn that the Bulgarian people is the countryäs strongest asset.

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Sources: Darik, News.BG

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