Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Elections ahead

The protest movement here described is not so active at the moment. Bulgaria has recently been affected by the Greek farmers protests that blocked roads leading to Greece, and worries rise about the financial crisis.
 When protest comes to Greece for teh second time within months, I have to admit that there is a European/International aspect of the protests, reorted from the UK, France, Russia, China etc. What interests me is not this aspect, but the Bulgarian movements own understanding of the happenings.

 Bulgaria e Nasha invites to a gathering today, at 17.00 in downtown Sofia. The event is called " Memory of democracy and official awakening of the civil society"

 The date is set to the 12th anniversary of the events in 1997, where the socialist's mandate ended after big protests.

 In another post, posted today the writer Davidov refers to a professor Konstantinov that points out weaknesses in the Bulgairan cosntitution, adn warns of a renewed Socialist - DPS (The party of the turkish minority) government. this governmetns abilities to rule will be hampered, according to Davidov.

My analysis:

 In election times a position hostile to all parties will be rather unsustainable, and the anti-socialist/DPS stance is rather visible at Bulgaria e nasha. I am very insecure to which degree this stance is shared among the other protesters.

It remains to see where this takes the protests.

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