Friday, February 13, 2009

Last opinion polls shows increased support for SDS

The institute NTSIOM has today released a poll where they asked Bulgarians how they would vote if the elections were held today.

  • 25% of the participants in the poll said they would not vote at all.
  • The big picture is similar to the last Gallup. The Socialists and GERB are the two obvious contendants.
  • Among the smaller parties, SDS, one of the parties closest to the protest movement have almost doubled their share, froma round 2 % to 4 %.
ГЕРБ - 24.3% - GERB
БСП - 19.2% - BSP, The Socialists
АТАКА - 10.0% - Ataka, the extreme right wing
ДПС - 8.2% - DPS, the "turkish" minority party
СДС - 4.0% - SDS, moderate right wing opposition
ДСБ - 2.2% - DSB, moderate right wing opposition
Движение НАПРЕД – 2.0% - The movement NAPRED, right wing

These results come from Martin Dimitrov's blog. Smaller parties, non-voters and not-yet-decided voters are excluded.

Sources: Klasa,

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