Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SDS joins DSB's demands for gov.'s resignation

SDS announces that they join DSB in asking the parliamentary for the government's resignation.

On Martin Martinov's blog nine motivations are posted:

  1. Because of the governement's inability to turn the EU membership into an advantage for Bulgarian citizens.
  2. Because of the government's inability to integrate Bulgaria in the decision making process in NATO and the EU.
  3. Because of its deliberate encouragement of Euro-scepticism and denial of the achievements made in the trasnition from totalitarianism and communism to democracy.
  4. After the denial to fight corruption and conflicting interests.
  5. Because of the loss of millions of subsidies from the European Union.
  6. Becasue of the the government's irresponsibility and the insecurity of the peolpe and its children.
  7. Because of the underestimation of the effects of the international economical crisis in Bulgaria.
  8. Because the lack of transparency in the decision making process.
  9. Because the Socialists have moved the country closer to Russia, and thus led Bulgaria into energy dependence and the gas crisis that costed the county 200 Millions (Leva)

Thanks to M for informing me

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