Monday, March 16, 2009

Garbage protests

 As far as I have seen, waste disposal is working normally in Sofia again. But today 300 workers from the company that lost the contract with Sofia Municipality, protested in Sofia.

 Unlike previous protests, this one was aimed at the municipality, and mayor Bojko Borisov, and according to Darik News all protesters were romas.

 The ex-workers protest against the municipality's decision to end the contract, and say that they have been pleased with their emplyer, that payed out salaries in time.

 The fact that all waste disposal workers in fact ARE roma indicates an ethnical dimension that is very clear in Bulgarian society, but has yet to be articulated in a political protest.


Anonymous said...

Hidden Volume

Cheers for the efforts to understand the "motley crew" situation in BG this days. It's has a deep roots in the past 20 years for shure.

About the protest today.
1. Try to follow who are NOVERA (EQUEST holding company) this will answer a lot of questions.

2. Why roma people (who are the common workers in the garbage bussines for the last 45-50 years!)
There is no ethnical conspiracy, except the fact that theya are organised by the NOVERA (the company that own them). Why they want's things from the mayor is enigma just on a first look. The roma people is always used by paing money to be involved in dirty, political games in BG.

3. Follow all attacks against the mayor in the last 5-6 mounths.

4. This is a pure political game, this protest, and it's just the beginning.

5. In the next 3-4 mounths, before the elections you will see a lot of similar cases.

There will be an interesting times.

PS Excuse me for my poor english.

All the best

Maladets! said...

Hi anonymous, and thanks for the encouragement :) Don't worry about your English, it's probably better than mine.

I actually tried to do some research about Novera, but without success. If you have information, please write me an email at danielnylinnilsson ( a )

I am also expecting more protests to come... and I guess that there is much more behind this than I could ever guess.

Do you think that there is something like a "roma question" in Bulgarian politics? I believe it is a potential danger to have a big minority that live separated from the mainstream society to such a degree. The less integrated a minority is, the easier it is for politicians to abuse the situation...

Anonymous said...

It's more interesting and in some aspect more dangerous what happens today with the arrested people from the DANS in ocusation of promouting radical islam in some villages in Rhodopa mountain. This is another story, connected with the elections. This is very strange, serious and deep story.

I think that generaly there is no "roma question". The people hates them, but noboy is afraid from them and that is very important. People lived with them and knows them. If you searh for ethnical hate speach and religous fear - you must follow the DPS, the turkish minority (you must made the difference between the pomacs and turkish people in BG).

The roma people is not politicaly representing (the paradox is that only in BSP coalition, is a roma political party - ROMA). The roma people is christians! more of them.
The roma people is not accused to be a threat, working for the interests of other country (like muslims for Turkey).

In this row of mind, the roma people is not a potencial danger (nobody can used them for the strategic political games), just for a short term targets (like NOVERA game against the mayor).

So, if you want to search and to find the real danger - wach out the political manipulations with the muslims.

This elections will be a crucial point for the future. I think the most important elections since 1990-1991. Nationalistic, old school Oligarchy against the pro-EU smallq emancipating circles.

About NOVERA, i will try to explain some things, but not now.

Maladets! said...

Thanks again anonymous. You are really well informed :)

I still believe the roma minority's position of living outside society as a potential danger, but not in the same way maybe... what I mean is that the fact that a huge part of the population is excluded from society will make democracy less stable.

(NB I don't want to say that all roma peopla are excluded, but a big art of the roma poulation is)

The situation of bulgarian muslims and turks, is probably a even more complex situation, that is easy for politicians to abuse.

For sure, these upcoming elections will be very interesting, and decisive for the future. I hope for the best for Bulgaria :)

Thanks again!