Thursday, March 12, 2009


 The streets of Sofia are filled with garbage this week. Garbage has been a major issue between the Bulgarian socialist government and Bojko Borisov, the mayor of Sofia, for a long time. This is the last row in a conflict, where both sides claim that the other is responsible.

 The entrepeneur responsible for cleaning Sofias, Novera, claims that the city of Sofia has not fulfilled its obligations regarding payments. The contract runs out 1st of April. Novera refuses to work since three days. According to Darik, the streets in front of the presidential palace are clean, though.

 The municipality have appointed a working group, promising to solve the situation in two days.

 The response from "Pisna Ni!" a news site close to the protesters is to call for civil disobedience in case the situation is not resolved in two days. The proposed action is to take garbage form the streets and put it in front of the parliament.

Citizens that think that Borisov is guilty, not the government, can put their garbage in front of his office in stead, Pisna Ni! says.

Source: Bulgaria e nasha

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