Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What happens with director Zlatarov?

9th of march vice premier minister Miglena Plugcheva met with representants for the ecological protesters, demonstrating in support of the current directors of the national parks. After the meeting Migleva and the protesters were said to have agreed on a number of important issues, among them that there was no reason to fire the directors.

This meeting was to be followed up with a meeting including all stakeholders 19th of March in Bourgas. Today it appeared that Stefan Zlatarov, the director of the national park Strandja, is not at all invited to the meeting. This raises the suspicion plans are still active to fire him

For the nature has revealed that the resistance against Mr. Zlatarov comes from the local mayors, who have a number of complaints that For the nature finds ridiculous. For the nature also stresses that it is NOT the local mayors role to run the national parks. They see this as a feodalization, and a try to limit Bulgarian citizens political freedom.

Source: For the nature

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