Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chisinau protests 09:59

Lots of youtube videos are now up where shots can be heard in the background, taken aroun 01.00 tonight when the police cleared the square. At this time only a small aprt of the original 30 00 protesters were there, running amoc in central Chisniau.

Police says to control downtown Chisinau and also the entrances to the country and the capital, to prevent further protests.

In Moldovan TV the blame is put on the opposition. At the meetings yesterday however, they deliberatley asked everyone to abstain from violence and illegal actions.

Around 200 people are said to be protested. To me it suggests that the police did not have any control at all - at the 14 january protests in Sofia I have heard that around 164 people were arrested, out of 5000 protesters. It's also visible on all pictures how poorly equiped the policemen are, which I think make the situation even worse. Polcemen that fear for their own life are dangerous.

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