Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chisinau protests 17:53

It is unclear to me how the state is at the moment in Chisinau. Clear is that:

Protesters are gathered. Less than yesterday, but eyewitnesses on the twitterchannel speak about thousands.

No clashes seem have appeared at the moment writing. Most tweets during the day said that protests were calm. In the afternoon tweets mention a more tense situation.

Baroness Emma Nicholsson, part of the OSCE commission tells BBC that she is suspicious about the election results. Many talk about dead people "voting", prisoners getting shortened punishment if they votes communist etc.

School kids were not allowed to leave the schools during the day. A high school pupil has been relegated, apperantly to state an example.

Moldovan government accuses Romania for organising the protests, and Romanian citizens are now required VISA to enter Moldova.

The government is also using a hard language against the opposition, that might be held responsible.

Liberals and Liberal democrats have blamed youngsters from the pretty far right Christ Democratic party for causing problems yesterday.

Lots and lots of posts say that the violence was instigated by police provocateurs.

No reactions so far from western or other governments. Personally i look forward to a Swedish as well as Bulgarian comment...

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