Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Deutsche Welle reports

that police have been shooting with rubber bullets, whitout hurting anyone with them.

At least 30 persons have been hurt, 20 had to stay in hospital.

Opposition leaders claim that the acts of violence originate from provocateurs. They ask parents too keep their kids at home tonight.

The communists call what has happened "an attempt to Coup de etat".

Given that OSCE yesterday stated that Moldovas elections "met many international standards and commitments, but further improvements are required" and "The people of Moldova are to be congratulated on a relaxed, mainly well-run and democratic polling day. Now the new parliament needs to make the necessary improvements to Moldova's legal framework and electoral code," said David Wilshire, head of the delegation of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly."

The Moldovan border is now closed. Romanians have been prevented from entering the country.

there is a twitter tag #pman , where tweets about the events are happened. It's by far the best source of news now, and I as well as western newspapers depend on it. many of them are in English.

I am very confused about any possible outcome of this...

Sources: Deutsche Welle, OSCE

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