Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good news

Finally some good news:

  • No violence reported today
  • Borders, at least at Sculeni are re-opened
  • Noone seem to have been killed yesterday. Neither policemen, nor protesters.
Voronin appearantly blames Romania, and also from Moscow there are rumoiurs like these. The twitter channel is eagerly awaiting a Romanian response. I don't expect it, and think it would be a huge mistake.

This is a struggle for human rights in Moldova, not for a Great Romania. Anyone involved, make sure to include also Russians!

Source: Twitter


bacalhao said...

yeah that's pretty accurate, though it seems a woman protester did die yesterday from smoke asfixiation. the 2 dead policemen story was taken back, there are only injured. There are nationalists in both countries with fantasies of reunification (I am Romanian with no such fantasies), but the majority of people don't take this seriously and neither do our politicians. some foreign and Romanian press is strangely pushing for this, though.

Maladets! said...

I have heard both that she survived, and that she was dead... I hope for the best. However, I realized that very much on Twitter are rumours, and I guess we will know this first later.

I'm, glad to hear that the unification theme is not strong among the protesters. I lived in Moldova, and I also regard it as a complete fantasy.

Of course, I don't want to deny that Moldovans are Romanians, or that there are so many other things... you know them already :)

Thanks for commenting! :)