Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Legal support for Strandja National park

The Bulgarian high supreme court has finally declared that the hotel-building project "Zlatna Perla" (golden pearl) in Strandzha Natural Park is illegal, a decision the environmentalists have long been awaiting.

This is a temporary victory, but the struggle for the future of Bulgaria's natural parks continue. On the one side we now have the environmentalists around the For the nature coalition, the supreme administrative court and the directors of the national parks, that of course old key positions in monitoring what is happening on the ground.

Local politicians in the two affected counties Tsarevo and Malko Turnovo try to claim their rights to decide over the parks. The ecologist's fears are well grounded that they might use this power to enable land for development for business partners they've been dealing with before. Behind them stand politicians in the government. The ministry of environment and water is currently working for a new development plan for the area, where due environmental concerns have not been taken, according to For the nature.

Source: For the nature

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