Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Protests continue 20:19

The situation remains out of anyone's control in Chisinau. A number of the protesters, have followed the opposition leaders advice to go home. Up to 20 000 are waiting at the central square for the net police charge.

A number of persons are dead, I can not now say how many, and hundereds, both policemen and demonstrators have been hurt.

The government and the liberal opposition have agreed to re-count the votes from the elections 5th of April. But what is hapening seem to be out of their control.

Romania officially abstains from anything than urging everyone to maintain constitutional and human rights, but from a Russian offical Romania has been singled out for trying to overthrow the Moldovan overnment.

Demonstrations are reported also from smaller Moldovan towns like Ungheni and Balti. In Balti protesters have been arrested,In major Romanian cities solidarity demonstrations are also being held.

President Voronins latest speech was held in Russian, where he named the protests an attemt to coup de etat. In Romanian media and Moldovan tweets there are speculations about the Russian 14th Army, situated 30 min from Chisinau will bring down the protests.

Sources: hotnews.ro twitter

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