Thursday, April 2, 2009

Surveillance back in the plenary hall

One week and one day after the proposal for ZEC (Zakon za Elektronnite Suobshtenija - The law aboutelektronical information), proposed by the ministery of interior (MVR) was stopped in the parliament, the government give it another try.

The proposal is not a new law, but an extensions of the ministery of interior's (i.e. the Police) legal room of action.The ministery already have the right to demand data about who has been talking to whom on the internet or on phones, to get information from the phone companies about which phones have exchanged signals etc. The new proposal, want to remove the clause that the information can only be asked for in cases of grave criminality. It also wants to give the ministery of interior right to store the data, and access will be granted or denied by MVR internally, etc.

In short, it's rather a matter of removing legal restricitons of the MVR.

Today the parliament goes to vote again, after the debated text has been turned two times. Since the extreme right wing party Ataka left the parliament after the protests 14th of January, the two parties behind the text - BSP and DPS have a one man majority in the parliament.

Source: Bulgaria e nasha

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