Monday, April 6, 2009

What is liberalism?

My relationship to liberalism has changed a lot during the years. Regarding myself as some sort of free thinking left wing, I am sincerely worried that it looks like the communists might win the elections in Moldova. I probably feel stronger for the liberals because I have grown up. But also because the liberalism I meet in Southeastern have flavour of ideological thinking that I appreciate in J.S. Mill's texts, but lack in Swedish Folkpartiet 's politics.

Liberalism as I remember it from home was the right to sell absolute everything if the price was right. The right price should was high when private enterprises sold, and low when public enterprises sold. Bulgarian liberals on the on the hand, talk much about values that can not be bought or sold, an creating a fair, not only commercial society. Free like in freedom, not like in free beer.

Bogomil Shopov has a very nice post about net neutrality on his blog. Just look at this picture:

(The picture is taken from Bogomil Shopov's blog post)

Is this the kind of internet we want? I would say it's more likely than not that this will be the internet five years from now, but as Bogomil points out: Net neutrality can be said in two words: without discrimination. It is an internet where information is available for anyone anytime anywhere. An internet that thus can become a strong source of democratic power.

For all vices that might hide in the quarters of MVR... I don't think that any Bulgarian government is able to stop the free debate on the internet, even if they try. But Verizon and AT&T can. They own the cables, and are currently preparing a business class internet. What democracy will there be for those who can't afford to travel business class, not even online?

By the way... It's pathetic to hear the british police trying to explain why a man died at the G 20 protests. If they had had any idea about what happened here they would have tried to piick another excuse than the Bulgarian police picked for Metodi Marinov death in custody after the protests 14/1. Allegedly from health problems...

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