Monday, May 4, 2009

Politics worthy of the EU?

The Bulgarian has set off in a Balcanesque manner.

As I think readers of this blog have understood, to two main liberal parties SDS and DSB are entering the campaign in an alliance, called the blue alliance.

The alliance was not very popular with all members in the parties. I am not at all well informed in this question, but they are obviously two parties, and there is some reason behind this.

SDS, which is the most vocal part in the coalition, headed by Martin Dimitrov, claim that the ruling coalition of DPS (Turkish minority party) and BSP (Socialists) fight the coalition with ALL. forces. This is inetselg quite natural, but according to Dimitrov and other liberal voices, the ruling parties do not abstain from using state institutions to remain in power.

Recently, the ex-leader of SDS, Plamen Jurokov, registered SDS as running for elections ALONE, i.e. against the will of the current leader Marin Dimitrov.

The story has of course angered the liberals. Martin Dimitrov has described the situation as a war between the blue alliance and DPS and BSP. He sees the hands of DPS/BSP behind Jurokov's odd behavior, and say that if the Blue Alliance is not registered immediately, Bulgaria is not a worthy EU member.

Plamen Jurukov, and nine other SDS members have been excluded from the party following the story.

Sources: This is my recalling of numerous sources I've read during the last days. See mediapool for Bulgarian, novinite for english

If you're worried about this, Hungary seem to have entered an even more dangerous path. IN response to the police's inability to curb violence from right wing groups, rroma peolpe have organized self defence groups patroling the streets of the ghetto.

Rromas in Czech republic also witness about increased violence as the country suffer from econonmical crisis. Yesterday rromas around the country gathered to protest in the wake of an attack with molotv cocktails that nearly killed a two years old girl.


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