Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hungarian cop's go ultra-right wing

The Hungarian trade union Tettrekesz, organizing policemen, have signed a statement of collaboration with the exreme right wing party Jobbik, known for antisemitism, antiroma activities and general fascism.

Jobbik are likely to get four seats in the Euopean parliament. In exchange for the fourth position on the party's list, and possibly one of these seats, for
Tettrekesz chairman Judit Szima, the trade union declare their support for the party's politics in "police matters". Fascists tend to regard most things as police matters...

Higher authorities are not so pleased, and have kindly asked the trade union to refrain from the competition.

The news reached me through the Romanian paper/site Cotidianul, which of course loves to find scandals in Bulgaria or evenmore in Hungary.

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