Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Elections in Moldova

For the second time this year, Moldovans went to the polls to elect their government. In April the communists won an election that was generally regarded as a fraud and the results were followed by massive and violent protests.

The communists were then one man short of the two thirds majoruty demanded to appoint the president, and new elections were necessarry.

The first results will be published 23:00 GMT+2. publishes exit polls that show an inverted situatuion. This time the opposition parties have the majority to form a government, but are short of the two thirds.... The man that can reslove the situation is called Marian Lupu, an economist former active in the Communist party that left after the scandalous first elections.

The opposition have been very sceptical of Lupu's move, saying that he did it to split the united front againts the communists. Time will tell, I guess...

The elections are said to have been generally calm, with a few ugly incidents, like communists shooting at opposition members in Sangera, and lots of cheating with the votes, as expected.

My guess is that the government will in deed change this time. Moldova is very dependent on a decent reputation in the West, without western NGO's, or Western funding for projects very little would happen in Moldova. I guess people with interests to lose might opt for Lupu as less provocing than Voronin, that made such a scandal last time.

Greetings Moldova! Things can only get better!


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