Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An epiphany

I usually take a walk around the office building for lunch. It is really too hot for that now, as the latter part of the walk is an uphill concrete landscape in burning sun.

Today I noticed that there was something strange going on. Cars were parkeed along the road, and there was a traffic jam, and plenty of policemen. And there were lots of busses parked. Old bussed. I asked one guy, a driver for a tv tema what was going on, and... Bulgarias new Prime minister, Bojko Borisov, had descended on our street to inaugurate a plenty of new busses.

The busses are suposed to replae the dead old buses on almost every line, I don't know how many they are, but I saw at least 30 with my bare eye, and a pleased bus driver said there was plenty. I asked him what he thought about Borisov and he said that new powers are almost welcome.

There was no doubt about the joy in the audience. A cleaning Roma laydy was so glad, she even told me it was the happiest day in her life "This is my boss! (She works for Sofia Municipality, Borisov was the mayor) "I have only seen him on TV, and now he is standing right here in front of me!"

New busses are badly needed, of course. It's a pity they were all diesel buses. I don't know Borisov's view on climate change or peak oil.

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