Monday, July 20, 2009

More ski lifts on Vitosha

Vitosha is the mountain overlooking Sofia. On it, there are already a number of Ski lifts, but the company running the business (Vitosha Ski) have now admitted a new plan for legal approval. The new plan suggests 7 times more Ski lifts, and 260 hectares of protected land exploited.

Picture from wikipedia commons. Lincense: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

This amount of ski pists involves numerous other installations, such as parking lots, an artificial lake for artificial snow for artificial skiing in artificial winters etc.

The investors have used a Gallup poll, to find that the Sofia population favours "clean paths" on Vitosha, whatever that means. The documents have not been published online but have been written about on and the blog Spasi Vitosha (Save Vitosha).

Potential critics, like environmentalists or organisations representing other mountain activities than skiing, (e.g. hiking) have not been invited to comment on the plan. but they do, on the internet.

Sources : @zelenite


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