Monday, November 2, 2009

Turkish delinquents sentenced to reading Tolstoj

I tend to think that the EU should join Norway, but maybe Turkey is an alternative?

According to the Moldovan blogger Gheorghe Erizeanu, one of my favourite romanian language blogs, the turkish authorities have started to sentencing minor offenders to - reading.  The source is the libanese daily Courier International.

The first case was a man guilty of being punk in drublic, disturbance of the public order etc. , berserking like a Swede on a Friday night.

The culprit was sentenced to reading War and Peace by Tolstoj, under the surveillance of guards, and later writing a short review of what he had been reading. He read 1,5 hrs a day during one month, and as far as I understand he was not obliged to finish the book in this time. Just read.

Tolstoj, picture from Creative Commons

I would so much like to read the rependant's review of war and peace, and I can't stop thinking what society would look like if we forced criminals to read classical litterature. Who chooses the books? Would the criminals be the most well versed in classical litterature after some years? Would young lads read War and Peace, so that they can fool their younger mates into believing that they have lived the hard life?

Seriously... reading War and Peace wouldn't scare me from robbing little old ladies, quite on the contrary. It's a great book, and this sounds like the way to get time to read it :)


Lars said...

I'm still laughing :-)

Maladets! said...

Haha, yes, me too. Guess what... the day after this I worked in a Swedish school for kids with this kind of problems. The only mandatory thing on their schedule was a visit in the library and to read :) Tolstoj was not prescribed, though.

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