Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Be careful tomorrow...

The protest against the ZES legislation will be carried out tomorrow, Bulgaria e Nasha reports. The authorities, Borisov's GERB party in various incarnation have used both whip and carrot to counter to protests.

Next to allowing traffic between protesters and parliament, a move that the protesters think of as sabotage, they yesterday announced changes in the legislation. Police authorities would in the adjusted text only get access to citizens data after after a judge's decision.

The protesters do not think that this is enough, and refer to their demands - the current legislation project should be abandoned, the ministry of interior should be reformed and if new legislation is necessary, the civil society should first be consulted.

The Bulgarian civil society is far from perfect though. Behind tomorrows protest stands 38 different organisations, that are found on the protest's homepage. It seems like anyone who supported the demands on the authorities could join the protest. Among the organisations I find some that I know are key actors in the Bulgarian civil society, like Elektronna Granitza or Zelenite, but there are also some names I am disappointed to see, like Асоциация Общество и Ценности (The Associaton for society and values), who use their homepage to openly propagate against the gay parade in Sofia, and claiming that "science" says that noone is born with sexuality, and Българската национално-радикална партия (The Bulgarian National-radical party), a minor organisastion who their web space to propagate conspiracy theories about how the jews were behind the bolsjevik revolution.

I don't see how organisations who struggle for a democratic, and European Bulgaria, can allow this kind of idiots to soil their projects. What do you think would be The Bulgarian National-radical party's stance on surveillance in case they had any power? My guess is that they would start b registering jews, and then everyone who talked with jews, and then everyone who talked with someone who knows a jew...

So here are my words for those protesting tomorrow: Be careful. I don't think there will be any violence in the streets, tomorrow you are fighting to be heard in media. You are so right abut this, but, please, be more careful about who you let demonstrate with you.

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