Friday, January 23, 2009

Kozlodyj and Metodi Marinov

Bulgaria e nasha today dissipointedly comment that the parliament in deed have apporved some of the proposed legal changes (regarding the Zamenki system) but also have chosen to examine a resart of some of the previously closed reactors at the nuclear plant in Kozlodyj. This information comes form

The re-opening of the nuclear reactors was proposed by president Parvanov amid the recurring gas crisis that is over for 2009, and was one of the demands of another popular protest - Napred.

I have previously mentioned Metodi Marinov in this blog. He died in custody 15th of January and DID take part in the protests. The allegiations against the police authorities is not of maltereatment in the custody, but of neglection of Metodis call for medical help.

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