Thursday, January 22, 2009

Police access to the internet

The parliamentary commission for transport and communication this afternoon met with their collegues from the commission for interior affairs, to discuss a proposed law that gives MVR, the ministry of interior affair, that among other things control the police, unrestricted acces to electronical data, Dnevnik reports. Hardly surprising the reaction on on internet communities is sharp.

In deed freedom of speach on the internet is a major issue for many of the protesting organizations, and as Kapital pointed out, unsurveiled internet forums were an important prerequisite for the protest to come into being.

A minor detail for Swedish reders... the first person that Dnevnik quotes from comments on their site calls himself "The Scandinavian" It's not me, though...

In the current curcumstances in Bulgaria, many people are inclined to see this as the manners of a despotic government. Without commenting on that, I don't think this law is essentially different than the Swedish widely debated FRA law. That's no consoul to scared Bulgarians. Maybe the Swedish law makers would have thought twice if they analyzed their laaw form an international, or at least European perspective.

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