Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's return the state to the citizens

On Sunday Zelenite - a Bulgarian party founded in 2008 with roots in the Non governmental ecological movement, announced their campaign Da vurnem durjavata na grajdanite! - Let's return the state to teh citizens!

A number of proposals for a reform of Bulgarian politics were presented. The full text should be available on the web site, maybe only in Bulgarian for now.

The demands include:

  • All decisions taken by the parliament should be read and commented by experts in the given domain.

  • It should be defined as an illegal act for elected to vote for decisions that break a Bulgarian law, or neglecting A case of law breaking. (I imagine this might refer to local officials that issue permission to build in a zone national authorities have declared proteced, for example)

  • Politicians and civi servants should hold a personal responsibility for their institutions acts

  • Effective citizen control over the law making. In order to enalbe this all documents concerning the ruling of the country have to be easy accessible online and offline

  • Direct elections of national and regional Ombudsman's. These are to serve as a direct link between citizens and political institutions

  • Easy access to constitutional and international legal documents

  • Local referendums. These should be able to initiate initally, and not have any restrictions referring to minimum number of participants etc. Only Bulgarian and EU citizens permanently living in the community are to have the right to vote.

  • The right of citizens to propose laws. Proposals might come through petitions signed by a given (low) number of people, or through the Ombudsman mentioned above.

  • The possibility for citizens to participate in parliamentary sessions. This will aslo be enabled through the writeen consent of 1% of the voting population or the ombudsman

  • Two chamber parliament. The upper chamber, in the document named Senat
  • will consist of regionally elected senators. One for every region outside Sofia. Three from Sofia and one senator elected by Bulgarians living abroad.
  • Non disrupted adminstration, laws to regulate the parliament's work (I don't really understand the text here, i think it might refer to a systems were administrators are not exhanged with every election)

  • Non disrupted administration, common elective codex

  • Non disrupted parliamentary television

  • Accessible online data base of the results of all voting sessions in the parliament

  • Parliamentaries that rare absent from voting sessions on a regular basis should be freed from service.

  • EU citizens that live permanently in Bulgaria should have the right to vote in Bulgarian elections for the European parliament, and easier obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

  • Electroic voting procedures.

  • Legal regulation for the maximum exploitation of protected areas defined in the Natura 2000 document.

  • Offshorkite should not ahve access to the citizens demands

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