Sunday, January 18, 2009

Press summary

Here aare my summaries of two newspaper articles covering the protests, covered earlier in this blog.

The Guardian
look at the protests from a European connection, and link them to the global financial crisis. Much attention is payed to the situation in Romania. I'm uncertain how much of this that applies to Bulgaria. Unlike Romania, Bulgaria have no car industry and the currency is tied to the Euro which make it more stable then the Leu.

A political and economical crisis is likely to unleash many different forces though, and I appreciate the always valid warning for increased ethnic tensions.

The Kapital article (p. 18-19, Kapital 17-23 January 2009) looks at the protest from the ent. But they ask for political leadership, which they claim is necessary to take the protests frostandpoint of established Bugarian society. The article shows a great understanding for the protesters grievances, after all it is one of the most outspoken voices against the governmm noice in the streets to actual change.

The article contains some interesting ańalyzes of the reasons bhind the protests. Purely ecnomical reasons are absent from Kapital's experts explanaitions. in stead they point on a feeling of being lied at and stolen from from the political class.

Kapital also takes up the pivotal role that Web 2.0 tools like various forums and Facebook played in the organization of the protests. "The net turned into a tribune for non censored dissatisfactions" the newspaper claims

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