Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sofia 18 January

Protests were carried out in front of the parliament also today. The protestants symbolically "planted"carnations in front of the parliament to remember democracy.

No protests are planned out by the organizers the coming two days. Tonight the groups are meeting to discuss and consolidate their demands before next Wednesday when a new demonstration is planned.

This will be a shortened, more media friendly version of the 35 demands already stated, but the essence will be the same: Political action in the field of education and the social sphere, kept promise to the farmers and reforms of the parliamentary system.

At the demonstrations protesters have asked for the sitting socialist governments abdication. This demand is said to be strong among the students, but it is unclear if it will be one of the demands put forward on Wednesday.

The organizers will make sure to reach out to media with their demands in good time before the demonstrations start on Wednesday, fearing that they otherwise will drown among pictures of violent clashes, much like happened last week.

The organization Napred (Forwards!) , a opposition group with nothing to do with the protests in front of the parliamenthave also staged a protest today, and personally handed overtheir demands to open the closed nuclear reactors in Kozloduj. I have no intention to cover these protests on my blog.

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