Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Gallup indicates Bulgarians are polarized rather than apathetic

Today Klasa published a new Gallup, asking Bulgarians how they would vote if the election was today.

Interestingly two parties had increased significantly since December 2008 - ruling socialists BSP and the party around Sofias mayor Bojko Borisov, GERB.

Losers were mainly smaller parties at the right end of the spectra. Nationalist and racist Ataka have lost voters since decembers, but increaed sgnificantly since january 2008.

the result is no big surprise, BSP and GERB are the main contenders since time back, but it somehow defy the widely spread truth that Bulgairans are dissapointed with the political class as a whole and largely indifferent to politics.

Cavetat: I don't knwo any numbers for how many that would neglect to vote. If this number was extremely high I would expect more surprising results, though.

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