Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Protests continue today

The oragnizators of the protests call for demonstrations today in Sofia 15.00 and Varna 16.00.

Ther are no news in the press about expected number of participants. My guess that they will be last than last week, as the topic is not so present in media as earlier. In Sofia, however, the streets will be blocked for traffic, indicating that at least a few hundered protestes are expected.

According to earlier statements, the demonstrators today will evaluate the politicians acts of dialogue, and in case they find them insufficient initiate a campaign of disobedience. What this campaign might include i ahve so far been unable to find out.

On Bulgaria e Nasha blog a statement is published in addition to the call for demonstrators:

Protesters ask for:

  1. the governments resignation
  2. a national campaign of civil disobedience
  3. the initiating of a new "social contract"

  • The new social contract should be based on these principles:
  • a legal state,
  • citizens' participation in decision making through local referendums, the possibility for citizens to initiate lawmaking and a proportional electional with preferential vote without restrictions
  • guaranteed freedom of speech
  • ecological responsibility
  • real European integration in Bulgaria

(The poster calling for protesters)

Note: All translations are my own and done hastily. They might contain all kinds of mistakes

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