Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update 27/1 16:24

Tomorrow the protesters are again meeting in the square in front of the parliament. For the Nature have sent out an invitation on their email list, calling protesters for a demonstration from 15,00 - 20,00.

As far as I know, the demonstrators and the government/parliament is not any nearer in terms of demands than yesterday. One demand - a ban of the Zamenki system ythat let land owners change cheap private land for expensive stat properties as been approved earlier this week.

Negotiations proceed. Today a parliamentary commission met with represntants of the Bulgarian Mother's assiociation to discuss their demands. These demands mainly refer to social politics, however I was told that the Bulgarian mother's organisation backs the enviromentalists demand of a electoral reform, introducing elements of majority voting and local referendums.

Yesterday the increased possibilities for police suveliance of internet activities has stirred up anger. the opposition party SDS demands the resignation of the minister of interior, and Elektronna Granitsa , that to me seems to be connected to the international Electornical Frontier ahs joined the protesting organizations that now count 23.

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