Thursday, January 15, 2009


The protests in Sofia continue today, but the police is said to be better prepared, and the number of protestors less. 1500 policemen are according to Darik News outnumbering 1000 protestants.

Today also the police have allegedly confiscated a number of weapons, even guns from the protestants. A number of football fans from the team Levski Sofia have been pointed out as more violent than other protestants, that include students, ecologists, farmers and otehr angrry Bulgarians. In deed the Levski fans look a little suspicious in this company.

According to the newspaper Klasa some fans have told them that they recieved 300 leva (150 EUR) or more from mafiosi to provoke violence yesterday. In a situation like this anyone could say anything, and more people than usually would lie. Yesterday the police acted on a fabricated bomb threat, much like the harrasment in Gothenburg 2001 , when the police claimed to search for "an armed blond German" that noone had ever seen.

Sources: Klasa 14/7 2009, Darik news (Sofia News Agency is the English speaking version of Darik)

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