Friday, January 16, 2009

Sofia 16/1 2009

The protests in Sofia continue today, but the police are strictly surveiling and no violence is reported. Darik claims that no footbaal supporters are present today. In stead the demonstrations are accompanied by and patriotic singing.

The government have also ceded to one of the demands of the ecologists, changes in legislation to better proitect Bulgarian nature from harmful exploitation.

As far as I have understood the biggest environmental problem is to enforce the laws, rather than writing them, but anyway.

The protests are to continue for five more days. In the weekend I will go ther personallly, to get an impression and make some photos. I will also try top get somebelated insight in the demonstrants demands.

My source is Darik News. Shortened English version is here

I would also really appreciate if anyone that reads this form another country could give me some a hint of how this is coverd outside Bulgaria. My email adress is danielnylinnilsson ( a ) gmail . com


Freja said...

It is not covered in Denmark. At least not in the news I have watched.

Maladets! said...

Thanks Freja :)

Anonymous said...

So far nothing in German media either. But I've read a story on some days ago.


Maladets! said...

Do you have a payed account at TOL, Annemarie? It makes me jealous ;)