Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rumble in Chicago

Bojko Borisov, the main political opponent of the socialist government, and widely held as favorite ahead of the upcoming elections, has been in Chicago. There he held a speech for assembled Bulgarian immigrants that has become a hot topic.

According to his adversaries in the Socialist party, Borisov claimed that the main problem in Bulgaria is the human material, 1 mln gypsies, 800 000 turks and 2,5 million retired citizens living in poverty and nostalgia. Kiril Dobrev, a Bulgarian socialist member of the European parliament call Borisov's speech a political suicide, and will take up the happenings as a case of discrimination and racism for the European commission.

Borisov, whose party sports the European Union stars on their posters have answered. He says that he respects and always have respected the Bulgarian people as a whole, including ethnic minorities like gypsies, turks and others. The problem is not as the socialists claim that he said the human material. The problem is that the political class at the moment in power uses these groups despair to deceive them.

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