Friday, February 6, 2009

Which mandate?

Bulgaria e nasha have two new posts.

  1. A video from the protests 4th of february. It reccomend it also for non-bulgarian speakers. The slogans say that "Democracy is dead", "Wake up the people" etc. That is also the reason that people hold wake up clocks.  the Ser Go Home! campaign is not launched by SDS as I earlier said but by
    DSB, another liberal opposition party that claim a dissident heritage
  2. A theoretical post by Bogomil Shopov. Bogomil critizes the current "free mandate" system, where the MP is not required to vote according to the promises he gave the voters. In stead he is under pressure from the party.
Democracy is not a simple thing. If the voters are to have a direct influence over the MP's, the system will tend to be majoritarian. In a majority system the winner takes it all, and small parties have ver difficult to work. Bogomil writes that DSB are not happy about the idea, and I believe they have a good reason for that, being one of the smaller and less populistic parties in Bulgaria.

One of the significant things about knowledge is that it comes too late. Today first I read an article on the web site bgfactor, that is highly critical about the government, written 12 January, inviting Bulgarians to participate in the protests 14th of January.

The article names who arep protesting and why. These are the new findings that i didn't know or didn't publish, found in the text :

  • Bojko Borisov's GERB did not state their support for the protests. (This is the official versions, ther are rumours that they do support the protesting milkfarmers)
  • DSB call on its members and sympathizers to participate in the protest.
  • Football fans from numerous clubs stated already before that they would protest.
The text is illustrated with pictures from 10th of january 1997, when disowned and furios Bulgarians stormed the parliament and forced the socialist government to resign.

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