Thursday, March 26, 2009

A break of principles

While it should not become a habit, no principle is better than that i can be broken for a higher cause. While my principle as a blogger is to avoid taking sides, I made an exception, and tried to help Bulgaria e Nasha to spread information about the political game around the internet surveillance legislation. I wrote a letter to a number of Swedish politicians, where I urged them to apporach their bulgarian colleagues and ask them about this question. Because I undertand the anger among bloggers. Because Swedish politicians are walkingdown the same road, and they should see their actions in a European perspective, at least those who boast their Europeaness. And because I think they should know and care more about Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe.

Oppet_Brev Oppet_Brev lestranger Öppet brev till svenska politiker om den bulgariska regeringens förslag till lagstiftning om digitala data.

So far Anna Karin Andersson from the Swedish green party has answered me. She will discuss the question with representants for Zelena Partija, (a Bulgarian party that is not the same as Zelenite, and not have the same direct connection to the protests), when she meet them at the European Green Party's congress in the weekend.


M said...

Your effort is admirable. I'd like to express my enormous apreciation of your actions and for your continuous support. You are an inspitation to all Bulgarians!

Maladets! said...

Thanks Maria :) I'm very glad to hear this, from one of Bulgarias most outstanding blogger.

Metafrasi, and the blogs around Bulgaria e Nasha inspires me, and I'm sure they inspire and give hope to many Bulgarians.